From the Director’s Desk

It is a great blessing to serve our community through the daily administration of this sacred ministry. At Gate of Heaven Cemetery, each member of our team is committed to fulfilling our role in providing the corporal and spiritual works of mercy of burying the dead and comforting those who are mourning. We strive continuously to fulfill the promise of this sacred vocation while applying prudent principles to ensure the longevity of the cemetery through care and planning.

We aspire to meet and exemplify the high standards of this noble ministry and welcome your feedback and suggestions as members of the body of Christ on Earth.

Thank you.
Christ’s peace,
Thomas Jordan

Meet Our Staff

Cemetery Director

Thomas Jordan

Your Dedicated Administration Team

From left to right: Tom, Patti and Marty, Luke and Kellie

Your Dedicated Cemetery Service Team

From left to right: Jim, Brian, Jeff, Bill, Berry, Evan, Jonathon, Richmond, Will, Maxwell, and Jeff

Your Dedicated Funeral Procession Escort Team

From left to right: Joe, Pat, Ann, Cindy, Carolyn, Dolores, and Tina

Your Dedicated Family Service Team

From left to right: Robert, Pete, Cheryl and Verna