June 13, 2018

Cremation Offerings Expand

Gate of Heaven Cemetery Announces expansion of their Veteran Section and Garden Mausoleum with expected completion date of September 1 st 2018. Both areas of the cemetery are currently under construction.

Veteran Columbaria
The new expansion within the Veteran Section of the Cemetery, constructed by Carrier Mausoleum Company, will feature 4 Columbaria placed to form a pentagon. Each Columbaria will feature its own engraving verses. These Columbaria will feature 120 niches. This expansion within the cemetery will meet the needs of our service men and women who have chosen the cremation option and still be honored for their service within this special space.

Garden Niche Mausoleum
Three Columbaria, located on the terrace sides of the Garden Mausoleum, will feature 114 niches. This enhancement was embraced by the Cemetery to strengthen family legacy within the Garden Mausoleum for those who have chosen cremation, the ability to be close to their loved ones who have already been laid to rest.