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Section 34 – St. Padre Pio & St. Gertrude Mausoleum

New Mausoleum Pre-Purchasing Available Now
Completion Expected Summer 2024

This new mausoleum bears the names of two great saints. Both saints were exemplary witnesses in living the mission of Christ.  St. Padre Pio and St. Gertrude prayed with special devotion for the poor souls in purgatory and the conversion of sinners.

This new and beautiful mausoleum includes double and single indoor and outdoor crypts, and niches. Call 513-489-0300 to schedule an appointment with a Family Services Advisor.

Section 9 – St Jude

Patron saint of hope.
This section is dedicated to St. Jude and designed for companion side by side traditional burials. It allows for a 56” x 16” bronze marker on a granite base that stretches across two graves that reflect both names. This section can also accommodate cremation burials.

Section 22 – Good Shepherd

God’s loving care revealed.
This section can accommodate traditional and cremation burials. It features the Cremation Garden that has smaller graves that allow for individual markers. This section can accommodate bronze and granite markers.

Lake – Baptism of Christ Columbaria

Jesus standing with us in baptism and beyond.
The Baptism of Christ Columbaria allows for single and companion inurnments.

Section 28 – Bell Tower & Veteran’s Garden

Tolling bells for faith and bravery.
Section 28 accommodates traditional and cremation burials. This section also has lawn crypts (double depth ground burials) that are available in our Bell Tower area. The Veteran’s Garden allows for ground burial and also features above ground columbaria.

Section 20 – Apostle Columbaria

Apostle means being sent. We are sent sharing the Good News.
We have three different Columbaria in our Mausoleum Area with statues featuring St. Luke, St John and St. Mark. Each columbarium can accommodate single and companion cremation.

Section 21 – Holy Matrimony and Mary, Gate of Heaven

Sacred consent of husband and wife.
Holy Matrimony is a large section for traditional and cremation burials.

Boulders & Pillars

Boulder and Pillar sites are available throughout the cemetery. A Boulder is a natural granite rock that is cored to hold and protect cremated remains with a bronze plaque for memorialization. A Pillar is made of granite that features laser etchings and engraved images that has a hollow chamber that allows a resting place for two.

Section 35 – Interior Glass Front Niches

Beautiful meditation chapels allowing God’s eyes to gaze on our hearts.
These custom niches come in different sizes and provide an aesthetically pleasing alternative to outdoor columbaria. The warm ambient light highlights the urns, additional mementos and personal items that generate fond memories of your loved one.

Section 15 – Dorothea’s Angel Columbaria

St. Dorothea, patron of gardeners, watching over our sacred ground.
This starburst shaped new addition accommodates individual inurnments and features “Dorothea’s Angel”. Saint Dorothea is the Patron Saint of Gardeners.

Private Family Estates

Gate of Heaven honors families, the domestic church.
Gate of Heaven can accommodate custom options in designated areas of the cemetery. A private family estate provides an excellent way to create and leave a legacy and an exceptional resting place. Options include custom indoor mausoleums that feature crypts and niches, custom benches, statues, family columbaria and burial sites with large and meaningful family monuments.

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