Memorialization Options

The memorial is a permanent and lasting testimony to your loved one.  Memorials give the living a specific place to visit and celebrate their loved one, whether it is through a certain verse that was unique to the deceased, a military emblem honoring their service to the nation or just a marker to let the family know where to go when paying respects.

Memorials can be in several different forms:

Bronze Memorial: Located at the foot of the grave or on the niche wall showcasing your loved ones name, birth and death dates, a favorite verse, emblem, and religious symbol.

Bronze Cenotaph: Located inside the newly renovated Gate of Heaven Administration building, the cenotaph option will feature four panels to place bronze memorial plaques that allow families to memorialize their loved ones that have not been laid to rest at Gate of Heaven.

Memorial Trees: Gate of Heaven offers memorial trees with a bronze plaque option throughout the cemetery, to celebrate the memory of a loved one.

Niche Engraving: Found on specific columbarium throughout the Cemetery, the niche front will be engraved with the names and dates of loved ones laid to rest within Gate of Heaven Cemetery.

We have designed Gate of Heaven Cemetery to be a special, peaceful and sacred place. Our memorials reflect our beliefs and the extraordinary beauty of our surroundings.

If you would like information regarding available memorialization options, please contact a Cemetery Sales Advisor today.