Why Plan Ahead

The death of a loved one is a tragedy every household experiences. Most families find themselves ill-prepared to deal with this situation, the indecision, and the cost that death brings.  The decision to pre-arrange your cemetery need today is one of the most loving gifts you can provide your family.

Consider the Benefits of Pre-Planning

  • Freezing Prices – Pre-arranging allows you to freeze your cemetery cost at today’s price, so you and your family are protected from the continued rising costs.
  • Affordable Payment Options and Financing – Gate of Heaven is proud to offer our families affordable payment plans with 0% financing for those looking to make arrangements in advance.
  • Conserving Life Insurance – Life insurance is for the living, not the deceased. If one does not pre-plan, life insurance proceeds may go toward cemetery costs, adding ongoing financial burden to loved ones left behind.
  • Peace of Mind – Pre-Planning provides your family the reassurance that these decisions and financial responsibility will not be passed to your children or loved ones to handle on this most difficult of day.

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