All of us must plan for events and gatherings like weddings, birthday parties, vacations, projects and more. Being Prepared Is Everything! Right? The subject of pre-planning for our own funeral and cemetery arrangements may not be a top priority. However, it is something that all of us should do.

As a baptized member of the Body of Christ, being buried on consecrated ground in a Catholic Cemetery should be of paramount importance to you. Hopefully, your family shares this value with you too.

Does your family know your wishes for your final resting place? Ensuring that your plans are in accordance with your faith, will also give peace of mind to your loved ones by pre-planning your final arrangements on the consecrated ground of Gate of Heaven Catholic Cemetery.

In a complex and busy world, the desire to do things well spiritually, as well as corporal, can be complicated regarding practical matters like time, money and information. This is true of planning final arrangements made more complex, by the fact, that most of us only do it once in a lifetime.

Nationally, over half of the purchased arrangements made in Catholic Cemeteries are made in advance of death (pre-need). This is both thoughtful planning and economic prudence. Your pre-planning decisions made today, will give you peace of mind now, and peace of mind to your loved ones later. Pre-need arrangements made today are done calmly, responsibly, economically and prudently.

Inversely, making your arrangements by your loved ones amid grief, may be done in haste after you have passed. There are so many benefits to pre-planning. One of the most thoughtful things that you can do for your loved ones is to take care of your cemetery arrangements, and funeral arrangements, ahead of the need.

Our Pre-Planning Family Services Advisors will assist you and your family with your advance planning by helping you make decisions calmly with a clear mind. Like so many families who have come to us for over 75 years, we know that you will find peace and satisfaction in making these preparations now at Gate of Heaven Cemetery.

“Indeed for your faithful, Lord, life is changed, not ended.” ~ Roman Missal

“Let your fear of death be overcome by your hope of Heaven.”

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Advance Arrangements Are Practical. Consider the Benefits of Pre-Planning:

Freezing Prices – Pre-arranging allows you to freeze your cemetery cost at today’s price, so you and your family are protected from the continued rising costs.

Conserving Life Insurance – Life insurance is for the living, not the deceased. If one does not pre-plan, life insurance proceeds may go toward cemetery costs, adding ongoing financial burden to loved ones left behind.

Peace of Mind – Pre-Planning provides you and your family the reassurance that these decisions and financial responsibilities will not be passed to your children, or loved ones, to handle on that most difficult moment of time.

Ministering with a Promise – Gate of Heaven Family Services Advisors will:

  • Assist every family with Sensitivity and Compassion
  • Comprehensively explain all pricing of our products and services
  • Honor your needs with Dignity and Respect

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Gate of Heaven Cemetery offers a wide range of burial options to meet your family’s needs in carrying out the sacred burial rights in accordance to church teaching by providing a permanent resting place for your loved one.