The Catholic Cemetery ministry of respectful care for the body, having served as the temple of the Holy Spirit on Earth, is an expression of our faith in Jesus’ victory over death. This work of mercy reflects our hope of the resurrection of the body, when these mortal remains will share in the glory of the Risen Christ.

At Gate of Heaven Cemetery, we endeavor to remain focused on this sacred mission, despite the many challenges of the world around us. As historically high inflation and supply-chain difficulties show no sign of easing in 2023, Gate of Heaven will respond prudently to ensure that the short and long-term obligations of your cemetery are secure. In the meantime, we promise to remain diligent in our commitment to ministering to those who have trusted us with their final arrangements. We cannot stress enough, the importance of individuals and families taking the time to pre-plan their cemetery arrangements. This gift of peace-of-mind to your family may be more important now, in uncertain times, than at any other time.

Beyond all worldly concerns lies the heart of the ministry of Gate of Heaven Catholic Cemetery; Christian Joy. Despite struggles, sickness, tragedy, and death, we as Christians are hopeful as we look toward experiencing the joy of the beatific vision for which we were created. Through the progression of the funeral rites, we may catch just a glimpse of the joy that our deceased loved ones are experiencing…even through our tears of mourning. This is the joy for which our hearts yearn and our souls cry out. It is this hope that drives our ministry and that we are all invited to share in.

We, as the body of Christ on Earth, are on this journey together. We each have our role to fulfill. Let us travel together, joyful in the knowledge that while we are in this world; we are not of it. Hope is our strength and indescribable joy awaits us.

May God bless you throughout the year,
Thomas Jordan, CCCE
Director of Gate of Heaven and Calvary Cemeteries

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