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The Heart of Our Ministry

“My family and I especially appreciated your service for our family member recently buried. I can’t remember the name of the woman who seemed to be the main coordinator, but I felt that she deeply cared for all of us and went above and beyond to welcome and talk to everyone. She made me feel special and I know my Mom was looking down with a smile on her face.” – F.L.

My family appreciated the attention, the detail, communication from cemetery staff and spiritual support in preparation for our father’s burial. In addition, the materials sent to us following his burial and the memorial mass six weeks later helped us cope with our loss and keep him in our thoughts and prayers.” – Cary C.

Very helpful staff, and beautiful grounds. Buried my mom here in December, and got my own plot squared away too. They made the process very easy! ” – Doug S.

Visited recently. Very beautiful place to remember your loved ones.” – Mia R.

This is the cemetery that five of my family members are laid to rest in. They did an excellent job with their services and burials, especially my mother’s. Her service, and them maintaining the cemetery is wonderful. They didn’t judge my family and I for staying after the service. Their emphasis on Jesus in every aspect of their cemetery and headstones is a nice touch too. Thank you for everything, Gate of Heaven.” – Kristi

“Gate of Heaven’s Family Services Advisor was excellent to work with.  She was comforting, compassionate and efficient. Everyone was kind and understanding.”Mary B.

“The level of sympathy and caring shared with us when we first walked in was amazing beginning with your receptionist, through our meeting with your Family Services Advisor. The sympathy, concern and care was so appreciated by us. The Thursday, remembrance “Month’s Mind Mass” was wonderful. We are looking forward to attending the “Caring for a Grieving Soul,” bereavement group at Gate of Heaven too. Overall, our experiences were amazing given the circumstance. Thank you! ” – Michael N.

“All very friendly and helpful. Gate of Heaven made our sad experience bearable.” Scott H.

“In 2017 we visited Gate of Heaven, just to get information. The Family Services Advisor was very informative and helpful about services, options and future planning. So, we ended up pre-planning and purchasing a niche. Everyone at Gate of Heaven was very friendly, accommodating, thoughtful, caring and efficient after my loved one died this 2024. The services for my husband went smoothly, even when the rain was pouring. We were pleased with the services provided,
including the after the burial follow up.”Maria L.

“All of the Gate of Heaven team were very helpful and professional. They took the time to listen to me and my daughters. They were kind, pleasant, and great to answer questions. My whole family is laid to rest at Gate of Heaven, plus many of my friends. I am thankful to ALL of the Gate of Heaven Cemetery workers for being so, so helpful. Thank you!”Tom R.

“We really appreciated the time taken to review our burial options, and the thoughtful conversations about the overall process from funeral service to burial and headstone selection. The Family Services Advisor was very pleasant and comfortable to interact with.”C. S.

“I purchased my husband’s burial plot and one for myself and was provided with great assistance to design the headstones for both of us. The Family Services Advisor was very kind, knowledgeable, informative and helpful. My husband’s family is buried at Gate of Heaven. That is why we chose to be there.”Donna E.

“My family and I were very impressed with the great services we were given at Gate of Heaven Cemetery. It really helped us through these tough times.”Mark V.

“Your cemetery provided a chaplain to lead services at the gravesite when our church would not. That was very kind and helpful. The chaplain did an excellent job.”Sharon A.

“I have four family members buried at Gate of Heaven Cemetery. One family member is my ex Father in law, another is my sister who passed at 52 from brain cancer, and also her twins who were born prematurely. They’re buried in the baby garden. I love going to Gate of Heaven to visit and talk to my sister. It is calm and peaceful. The office is clean and welcoming. The staff outside is respectful. It is right off a major highway and there are lots of places to patronage close by. I’d recommend it to anyone”. Maureen G.

“Peaceful and very well maintained.”Jeff R.

“It is beautiful and peaceful.”James P.

“Our Family Services Advisor was knowledgeable and professional, but most of all compassionate. I felt like I did not have to worry about anything. It was a very nice service in the chapel. The remembrance mass, the Month’s Mind Mass was very emotional, but very needed. Thank you Gate of Heaven for everything that you assisted our family with.”Mary K.

“We recently buried my Mother at Gate of Heaven. She is now next to my Dad, Brother, Grandma and my Brother-in-law’s Mom and Dad. Your cemetery is absolutely beautiful and the services and internment were outstanding. My wife and I will now start our planning at Gate of Heaven. Thanks for all you have done for us!”Tom M.

“Attended a memorial mass for my mom and everyone who were interred during December. Building and grounds are beautiful. The staff is wonderful and understanding.”DJE

“My four children and two of our granddaughters went with me to discuss arrangements. The Family Services Advisor took the time to answer everyone’s questions and concerns. Overall, what I was  dreading, turned into a positive experience for all of us. All of your staff were very friendly, polite, knowledgeable and respectful. Thank you!”Elaine B.

“I buried my husband at Gate of Heaven Cemetery. The staff at Gate of Heaven couldn’t have been nicer. I even received a birthday card in memory of him. The staff knows how hard it is losing a loved one.” Joyce F.

“Exceptional staff and customer service! Thank you Gate of Heaven Cemetery for all your hard work!” Ryan L.

“My Aunt, my Uncle, and my cousin are resting in eternal peace together here in this beautiful estate of Gate of Heaven Cemetery.”Margie T.

“I visited my family members there. It was a beautiful day. The grounds are very beautiful and peaceful!” Lynn B.

“Gate of Heaven Cemetery is easily located right off I-275. This is a beautiful Cemetery, in a friendly area. Well maintained by the ground crews.” – K.K.

“Amazing cemetery. It is the nicest I’ve been to yet.”Kevin S.

“Many family members and friends of family are buried here. Lovely and blessed place to be buried.” Andrew P.

“Gate of Heaven Cemetery is where 5 of my family members are laid to rest. They did an excellent job with their services and burials, especially my mother’s. Her service was wonderful and their care for maintaining the cemetery is wonderful. They didn’t judge my family and I for staying after the service. Their emphasis is on Jesus in every aspect of their cemetery, which is a nice touch too. Thank you for everything, Gate of Heaven Cemetery!”Kristi

“Thank you for your compassionate service for our mother. We attended the Month’s Mind Mass for her, and others, and it was very comforting. We look forward to visiting and seeing her gravestone in the near future.”Nelle G.

“This cemetery is very peaceful. I have purchased my plot. Gate of Heaven Cemetery is very well maintained and is beautiful!”S.B.

“My mom is buried at Gate of Heaven, in the veteran’s section as my Dad is a WWII vet. They have a very simple memorial, but very meaningful in the Veterans Garden, near veterans Matt Maupin and Charles Cuffaro.”A.C.

“Gate of Heaven Cemetery is truly a nice place to rest.”J.H.

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