Cemetery Grounds are Open as follows: 7 Days a Week from sunrise to sunset.
Cemetery Office is Open as follows: Monday – Friday 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Saturday 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

We strive to set markers at 16 weeks or 4 months after date of service. This is also the time the grave is seeded, if weather permits. The reason we wait 16 weeks is to allow the grave to settle before putting on the weight of a granite marker. Without waiting the marker would simply sink into the ground.

  • Flower and Decoration Guidelines can be found under Rules and Regulations.
  • There is occasional pilferage within the cemetery by both animals and humans. The cemetery is not responsible for lost or stolen flowers or decorations. We may remove, at our discretion, an item in a breakable container (these are not allowed at any time) or one left lying on the lawn.
Usually, it is the deer, groundhogs and geese. They will also bite artificial flowers, discover they aren’t tasty, and spit them out or fling them aside with a shake of their heads. God’s creatures are abundant at Gate of Heaven, and depending upon your opinion, either a blessing or a nuisance.

This is due to the settling process that takes time to complete.

This is also due to the settling process but the underlying cause is because of the gravel moving between vaults over time due to rain water. This movement can create a cavity underground which is extremely difficult to fill in. Gravity will eventually cause sunken areas that can be filled in at the surface. If this is noticed by the grounds crew or a family a work order is created and the grave is back-filled to level it out.

Sorry, though we understand the bond between pet owner and pet, like all other cemeteries of which we are aware, dogs (and all pets) are prohibited on cemetery grounds. Please leave your pets at home or keep them safely in your car when visiting.

Canadian geese are a protected species. We contract with a geese control expert who helps us keep their numbers to a minimum. Geese droppings are a nuisance, but are normal in the natural setting we have created at Gate of Heaven Cemetery. They will eventually wash into the soil with a moderate to heavy rain and become fertilizer.

We celebrate a Mass with the Archbishop or Auxiliary Bishop at Gate of Heaven each year at 11:00 AM on Memorial Day Monday.

We are strong advocates of pre-planning your cemetery needs.

The Catholic philosophy of life has always contained a realistic attitude toward death. A Catholic knows that one of the most important tasks in life is to prepare for death. This is a spiritual preparation—an essential process which prepares each of us for that moment when we enter into eternity. Good planning makes for easier and more informed decisions about what you might need and relieves a huge burden from your family when death occurs. Pre-planning is also an important business matter that can give you peace of mind and the best opportunity for properly financing your choices.

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