We share the faith you have lived throughout your life.

Gate of Heaven, as a member of The Catholic Cemetery Conference, joins in the mission to carry out the sacred religious function of burial and to care for the resting places of the deceased members of the church. We fulfill our faith and your needs through the Following Mission:

  • We accept the responsibility of implementing religious function under the direction and supervision of the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.
  • We believe in a strong commitment to our mission and dedicate ourselves to providing compassionate service.
  • We will assist you both in advance planning and at time of need.
  • We encourage Catholics, their families and other members of our Christian community to choose Gate of Heaven Cemetery for their final resting place, to emphasize the religious significance of the Catholic burial rite and the Catholic Cemetery.
  • We base our work on the traditions of our faith and function as a ministry of the Catholic Church.
  • We believe in the teachings and we are committed to the teachings of the Catholic Church regarding its deceased members, and the sacredness of the Cemeteries in which their bodies rest. We dedicate our Spiritual Works and Corporal Works of Mercy to the respectful care of the people of God, in life and in death.
  • We will proclaim through our words, work and example the sacredness of the Human Body, the Belief in the Resurrection and the Christian Virtue of Hope.

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