May 20, 2020

Locate a Loved One & Walk to Grave Technology

Dear Friends and Family,

In these unprecedented times when we’re searching for “normalcy” amidst uncertainty, we can find some consolation in the availability of “virtual” alternatives, while we traverse these uncertain times.  While virtual will never be a completely adequate substitute for physical presence, especially when applied to the Mass and the sacraments, it can lessen the struggle for a while.

With that in mind, Gate of Heaven Catholic Cemetery invites you explore the virtual tools available on our website to Locate a Loved One.  Instructions for the kiosk and mobile device applications are below.  May you find them helpful and of some comfort during these difficult days.

Locate a Loved One- Kiosk Located in Administration Building

  • Enter the Administration building and locate the kiosk either to your left or right side
  • Touch Here to Begin located at the bottom of the kiosk screen
  • Enter your loved one’s name in the search box
  • TOUCH Search button
    • A list of names will appear
    • Touch their last or first name
  • You then can TOUCH EMAIL MAP
    • Enter your name and email address
    • Touch send
      • The screen will not change or show a confirmation
  • TOUCH THE BACK BUTTON to go back to the following screen
  • If a physical map is needed you may also touch on the PRINT MAP OPTION
  • A map will print at the receptionist desk, but for Memorial Day a printer will be located in the lobby

Locate a Loved One – Mobile Device

  • Visit us online at
  • Located on the top right hand of your screen, select, Locate A Loved One
  • Click on the magnify glass located in the lower right hand of your screen
  • Enter the surname and first name and click SEARCH
    • If multiple names appear, use the service details box and navigate the right and left arrows until you see your loved one
  • Next to walk to grave you will see a CLICK HERE button, click on this button and you will be able to see your loved one’s location within the cemetery.