September 25, 2021

2021 Annual Photo Competition Awards

Saturday, September 25th was an exciting morning at Gate of Heaven Cemetery for our “Annual Awards Breakfast” & our photo competition 2021!

Archbishop Award: John Wake
First Youth Award: Converse Kennedy
People’s Choice Award: Terri Keller
1st Place: Larry Foltz
2nd Place: Kristine Kurkjian
3rd Place: Terri Keller

Archbishop’s Award

John Wake — Garden of Gethesmane

First Youth Award, Ages 10-18

Converse Kennedy — Good Shepherd

People’s Choice Award

Terri Keller — Joyful Mysteries

First Place

Larry Foltz — Glenmary

Second Place

Kristine Kurkjian — Mother of Sorrows

Third Place

Terri Keller — Autumn Reflection