December 6, 2021

First Advent Concert “Tidings of Comfort and Joy”

Thursday, December 2, at 7PM was our first Advent Concert at Gate of Heaven titled “Tidings of Comfort and Joy,” and it was truly an evening filled with the gift and joy of music.

We are so very thankful that Archbishop Moeller High School’s Vocal Ensemble, Directed by Mr. Jim Balbach started off the performance for us with 27 fine young men. They were a delight!

This Moeller Vocal Ensemble opened for a Moeller graduate, now Music Director at Saint Thomas Moore Parish, an excellent vocalist, musician and director, Doug Stegeman and a fabulous violinist, Jennifer Neumayr.  Their gift of music was a delight for all who attended!

We look forward to making this Advent Concert “a tradition” and setting the date for 2022!