In 1963, the Vatican lifted the ban on cremation for Catholics. In doing so, the Church allowed cremation in certain circumstances. However, the Church made no allowances for any prayer or rituals for use with cremated remains. On March 21, 1997, the Vatican granted permission for cremated remains of a body in church for the liturgical rites of burial. It is still, however, the Church’s preference to administer the full complement of funeral rites with the body present and then cremate afterwards.

At Gate of Heaven we have several graceful sections, on these 160 acres, where columbaria are located amongst soaring trees and peaceful, lush grounds. The special, spiritual names of these beautiful columbaria that house single and double niches, are named after great saints, angels and history of the bible. These columbaria are made of lovely granite with engraved memorials and we also have the indoor, temperature controlled, exquisite, beveled glass front niches.

In-ground cremation burials are another wonderful option. The cremation sections that are available are:

Glass Front Niche Columbaria

Bell Tower Columbaria

Apostle Columbaria

New – Baptism of Christ Columbaria

Coming soon – St. Dorothea’s Angel Columbaria

In-Ground Cremation Burials

We are strong advocates of pre-planning your cemetery needs.

The Catholic philosophy of life has always contained a realistic attitude toward death. A Catholic knows that one of the most important tasks in life is to prepare for death. This is a spiritual preparation—an essential process which prepares each of us for that moment when we enter into eternity. Good planning makes for easier and more informed decisions about what you might need and relieves a huge burden from your family when death occurs. Pre-planning is also an important business matter that can give you peace of mind and the best opportunity for properly financing your choices.

Glass Front Niches

Entering the Administration Building, you are greeted by two adjoining rooms adorned with glass front niches. Each room is graced by a shrine, one of Mary Gate of Heaven and the other, Peter receiving the Keys to Heaven from Christ. Each shrine is surrounded by memorial candles. The rooms provide a personalized and elegant setting for your loved one in a climate controlled setting. Beautiful urns, one personal item and one religious item are displayed through glass fronts to remember a life worth celebrating.

Bell Tower Columbaria

The sounds of carillon bells ring through the air every quarter hour within the Bell Tower Columbaria. The niches, which are clad in beautiful black granite, surround the Bell Tower and a beautiful fountain. Families can rest on granite benches for reflection and prayer while the bells chime and the water bubbles from the fountains.

Apostle Columbaria

Lovely shrines of the Apostles, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, surrounded by blossoms, and with spiritual gospel quotes engraved in the granite walls, are the wonderful options of double niches and single niches in section 20 of the Apostle Columbaria.

Baptism of Christ Columbaria

Along the peaceful pond, with the mesmerizing fountain, you will gaze at the bricks on the ground designed for the cross that Jesus carried and died on, in the new columbaria, Baptism of Christ. This new columbaria is designed for single and double urns.

The tall granite with the urns enclosed, and the steel and granite trellis with the Gate of Heaven symbolic logo designed in it, are exquisite.

St. Dorothea’s Angel Columbaria

A wonderful new addition is being added to Saint Dorothea, Patroness of Gardeners in section 15. This new addition is the shape of a sunburst with an angel. The special name that was chosen for this beautiful, new, sunburst columbaria is “Dorothea’s Angel,” from the story of Dorothea a saint and a martyr, and her angel.

This picturesque sunburst has 300 niches. A sculpture of Dorothea’s Angel will be elegantly above the sunburst niches.

In-Ground Cremation Burials

The burying of cremated remains within a traditional grave is an option Gate of Heaven Cemetery offers. Up to two urns can be buried within one grave in this traditional manner, thus keeping spouses together at the time of need. This option is available throughout most sections of the Cemetery.