St. Dorothea

Section 15

The Patroness of Gardeners, Saint Dorothea (also spelled Saint Dorothy) feast day is February 6th. With the abundance of beautiful trees and gardens within Gate of Heaven Cemetery, the shrine of Saint Dorothea, like that of St. Jude, and other sections of Gate of Heaven, is a wonderful area full of God’s peace and beauty.

“I serve the Son of God, Christ, mine espoused! His dwelling is Paradise; by His side are joys eternal; and in His garden grow celestial fruits and roses that never fade!” – Saint Dorothea

Prayer to St. Dorothea
By the radiance of your holy life you did draw the two sisters united in spirit into Eternal Light; and did send roses and apples from Paradise to Theophilus. O Dorothy, as fellow contestants you were counted worthy of divine glory. Ask that we who praise you may receive the forgiveness of our sins. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.