September 9, 2022

New Dorothea’s Angel at Gate of Heaven Cemetery

Dorothea’s Angel Adds An Ethereal Element

Through history, Catholic cemeteries sacred ground has always been a place for family and friends to gather frequently to celebrate a Month’s Mind Mass and pray for the souls of the deceased. Many also visited their loved ones gravesites daily or spontaneously to pray and reflect. These experiences continue.

Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Archdiocese of Cincinnati reflects these beliefs and prayers for the souls through ministry, faith, art and symbolism, from personal memorials to shrines. Art here at Gate of Heaven helps stimulate prayerful action and reflection.

In Saint Dorothea’s Section 15, Dorothea’s Angel statue was just installed on top of the new starburst shape columbarium. This beautiful, new, symbolic addition is located in the back, east, corner of these lovely, 160 acres of sacred ground.

Please come and visit to see for yourself. The next phase of the project will continue with a walkway installation around most of the columbarium. You are also welcome to call and schedule a time with a Family Services Advisor to learn more about Gate of Heaven Catholic Cemetery, Archdiocese of Cincinnati and all of your options. You will also learn the benefits of pre-planning.

Catholic Cemeteries naturally provide peace, and serenity with a true aura of His Almighty presence.

Find Joy Here. Come and view Dorothea’s Angel in person. The gates are open seven days a week from sunrise to sunset.

The story of Saint Dorothea by

According to her apochryphal tradition, she was a resident of Caesarea, Cappadocia, who when she refused to sacrifice to the gods during Emperor Diocletian’s persecution of the Christians, was tortured by the governor and ordered executed. On the way to the place of execution, she met a young lawyer, Theophilus, who mockingly asked her to send him fruits from “the garden” she had joyously announced she would soon be in. When she knelt for her execution, she prayed, and an angel with a basket of three roses and three apples, which she sent to Theophilus, telling him she would meet him in the garden. Theophilus was converted to Christianity and later was martyred. Her feast day is February 6th.

Dorothea of Caesarea (Dorothea, Dora; often just called Saint Dorothy, died ca. 311 AD) is a 4th-century virgin martyr who was executed at Caesarea Mazaca. Evidence for her actual historical existence or acta is very sparse. She is called a martyr of the late Diocletianic Persecution, although her death occurred after the resignation of Diocletian himself.

Dorothea and her companion, Theophilus, are mentioned in the Roman Martyrology as martyrs of Caesarea in Cappadocia, with a feast on 6 February. She is officially recognized as a virgin martyr.